April 2023

21st April

Irene Biza, University of East Anglia, UK

Title of the talk:

The MathTASK programme: Using specific classroom situations to develop mathematics teachers’ capacity in identifying, interpreting and acting upon students’ needs

Presentation: MathTASK Irene Biza


Mathematics teachers want their students to understand, appreciate and enjoy mathematics. Often though, what they face in the classroom is nowhere near these high aspirations. Students’ responses may not make sense, addressing individual needs is difficult, the class does not cooperate, technology is confusing and the resources are not exactly what is needed. In the MathTASK programme, we support mathematics teachers with materialising their aspirations through identifying, interpreting and acting upon their students’ needs. MathTASK is a research and development programme that engages mathematics teachers with challenging and highly contextualised classroom situations in the form of tasks (mathtasks). Teacher responses to these tasks reveal teachers’ mathematical and pedagogical discourses and provide opportunities to articulate, reflect and reform said discourses. These tasks have been used as instruments for research as well as teacher education and professional development in several countries such as UK, Greece and Brazil. In this session, I will first introduce the MathTASK programme and a mathtask example. I will then present a summary of research findings and theoretical constructs that have emerged in the course of analysis of MathTASK data. Session participants will have the opportunity to practise with one or more mathtasks!

Two tasks: https://padlet.com/ibiza/mathtask-at-seminar-on-mathematics-education-lm50zssg1r3eqq7

URL: https://research-portal.uea.ac.uk/en/persons/irene-biza

MathTASK resources and publications: https://www.uea.ac.uk/groups-and-centres/a-z/mathtask

Twitter: @mathtask

Email: i.biza@uea.ac.uk