November 2023

29th November, I have – you have meeting

A special meeting is planned for November as part of the Seminar on Mathematics Education. The meeting called ’I have – you have’ is planned for the 29th November.
We all have some knowledge, skills and aptitudes. But we need other people to grow bigger. We need each other to work together in order to reach goals that are unattainable for each of us individually.
You are invited to attend a meeting I have – you have where you can say what you can offer to others or what you need from others in the field of mathematics education.
If you are willing to contribute to this meeting, please, fill the form available at:  
This form is for submitting short communications to be delivered at the Seminar on Mathematics Education on the 29th November, 2023. The Seminar will be held on the Zoom platform from 6 pm. to 7:30 pm. (CET, time in Poland).
The meeting will include 15-minute contributions from mathematics education researchers who:
    • are looking for partners for joint research and cooperation in the preparation of publications or
    • have something they could offer to other researchers (time, skills, expert co-authorship, involvement in a project, etc.)

Each participant is kindly asked to first briefly describe their current research in mathematics education. Then you are encouraged to say what kind of collaboration or support from fellow researchers you are looking for or what you are willing to offer.

The meeting will be held if at least 3 researchers willing to give a short talk respond to this call.
The form will accept applications until the 26th November. If the maximum number of applications is reached, the form will be closed earlier.
The final confirmation of the seminar meeting will be announced on the 27th November.